TQ Communicator


TQ Communicator is the message sharing App using iCloud.
If you have iCloud account, you can use this App immediately. Additional account registration is not required.

  • Messages are managed by a chat room called the Session.
  • A session can be created by anyone. (To those who want to join to the Session, let's inform the Password and Session Code.)
  • More than two members are able to join a session.
  • You can map the location information of the members. (The member's permission requires.)
  • You can use ‘Voice message’ to record your voice and send it as a message.
  • By using the remote controller, you can exchange messages without operation on the screen.
  • Apple Watch is supported. You can browse messages, send new messages, reply, and map member's location.


  • Registered Message, after being a certain period of time (3 days) kept on iCloud, it will be automatically deleted.(Once the message was viewed, so also are stored on the App of each member, they can view even after this period has expired.)
  • Maximum number of member per a session is 50.
  • If the number of messages per day exceeds the limit, in order to avoid an excessive loads of iCloud, this app might to limit the transmission rate.


  • This app use the location service in the background and foreground, if the user permitted to use of it. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.
  • This App updates the user's location information in conjunction with the reference of location information of other members on iCloud, if the user permits to share the location information in the participating sessions.
  • This App requires iCloud Drive. If you want to use multiple devices with a single iCloud account, you must enable iCloud Keychain too.

Important Matter

  • In this App, please do not treat the messages related with life, property, criminal acts or anti-social behavior.
  • This App is using iCloud as the foundation. Availability of App is dependent on the available state of the iCloud.
  • All transactions of iCloud in this App, all will be done by the YOUR account of iCloud.
  • In this App, all the messages will be encrypted with AES128 and be stored in Public region of iCloud. Concealment capability of information, does not exceed the theoretical value of the AES128. In addition, due to a variety of analysis techniques, there is a possibility that less than its theoretical value.
  • The unexpected behavior or malicious users of this App, if it takes an excessive load on iCloud, without prior notice, may be restricted or stop the use of the service. In addition, due to unavoidable operational reasons, without obtaining the permission of the message creator, there is a case for the administrator to remove some or all of the messages that have been registered on the iCloud.
  • The messages stored in this App may be lost by the deletion or unexpected behavior of the App. Please save a copy in such important information is always on another App.
  • This App, except for location information which is permitted by the user, does not collect any information about your privacy. The ability to identify the members in cooperation with the address book does not provide.
  • For all damages resulting from the use of this App, the developer will not assume its responsibilities.
  • Prior to the use of this App, the above items and fully understand, and then to have been agreed.


Version: 1.4.5
Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
Languages: English, Japanese