TQ Communicator / Lite / Pro, Ver. 1.2.1 Released

March 11, 2017

TQ Communicator / Lite / Pro (Ver. 1.2.1) have been released.

This releases are miner update focused on bug fixes.

  • Settings: Fixed an issue where setting information was not properly displayed when joining a session. (Standard / Lite)
  • Voice Message: Fixed a problem that the speaker's playback volume could not be increased sufficiently.
  • Voice Message: Changed the features for each 'Enable/Disable Speaker' settings.
  • Voice Message: Fixed an issue where the "Send" button stays invalidated after sending a voice message via the remote controller
  • UI: Adjusted the layout of the instant message panel.
  • Stability: Fixed some minor problems.
  • App Name: Changed App name to appropriate one and modified associated resources. (Lite)
  • Ad: Updated the Google Mobile Ads SDK. (Lite)